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Crossing The Line

Crossing the Line 
Gallery Submission   Rod Malay

Letter of Intent

Harold Rosenberg said,"... what goes on the canvas was not a picture but an event...each artist must undertake to invent himself, a lifelong act of creation that constitutes the essential content of the artist work".

Well, for over 40 years, I have unwittingly or instinctively practiced that ubiquitous artistic wisdom, starting in 1980 with my monolithic serigraph series exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, AGNS 

In 1987, I went national, across Canada with the travelling art installation, NO FURTHER COMMENT. Fundamentally, at that point, my art journey broke with classical ‘tradition’ and crossed the line, venturing into challenging, edgy art “events” (photos attached in image selection). Essentially, NFC was a walk-through exhibit, symbolically representing a military tank, depicting a journey through life, “from conception to the cow”. Loaded with metaphors... sculptures: there was an oversized superman with a large cape; there were children, engaged in sex play curiosity; and there were large humanoid-like rats, watching garbage on television; and heroic sports figures, captured in a media moment; there were life-size cut-out people in a crowd, looking like a ghost scene, with dimmed lights over head watching a game, like chess, with human body parts, made in ceramic; There was a grave scene with three large coffins, an ear, a mouth, an eye; and an assembly line followed with grey figures; finally there was a large Holstein cow flopped on a park bench with its utters hanging out. That journey was a walkway through the 45 foot interior, on a twisted pathway, that seemed more like 100 feet in length. The visitors should have felt the experience. When people first entered "the Tank, they stepped into the womb, during conception, with a gigantic penis in the creation of a human baby.

All of the sculptures were made of various materials: fibreglass, ceramic, plumber's piping, newspapers, and most predominantly, paper mache. Canada Council for the arts, which provided some funding for the exhibit, called Malay,  ”The Master of Paper Mache". The sculptures were impressive, standing above visitor’s heads, in the 10ft ceiling. The interior of the exhibit measured 12ft x 10ft x 45ft, intimidating in some locations, "obscene" for some,  complaining to the authorities, who came to investigate, but left without charges... except for that negative event, the public surprised me. Their openness, their engagement in questions and curiosity with some debate and book comments, taught me a mind altering realization about the public... treat them with respect and their minds are wide open. The exhibit was real, tactile, embracing and edgy. The public emboldened me, invigorated me from that day forward and the exhibit was a rewarding, successful investment, purchased by a Toronto patron, for his art farm. Ironically, the Ontario Science Centre evicted the exhibit from their site after the first day, saying, “It is poor quality work”? Toronto was an interesting town.
The Tank NFC received substantial media coverage across Canada, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, including MacLean's Magazine. 30,000 visitors went through the exhibit. The public message... no subject is taboo and that it is the entrenched, institutionalized myth makers generating the “time- honored” rituals of fear.

Guess I could have rested my laurels on that NFC event. But art was in my bones... I was just getting started.

GALLERIE UNPLUGGED became a trademark for my arts creations: paintings, sculptures, videos, movies, theatrics and readings (poetry, stories, and songs}, music. Putting all that together,    I rented a live theatre stage and presented the production: INSIDE THE METAPHORIC MAN 2014.

Now, an introduction to my submission...
On the gallery walls, floors, hanging from ceilings, art in every direction, storytelling from the lectern, art from the mixed phases of my life. There will be abstract, realism, conceptual, word text, writings, poetry, songs, digital projections and video events. In it all, an event will unfold. The works presented in this submission are examples of what I have created over the years. Mixing it all together, it is a life’s event, an innovative, contemporary art exhibit, aiming at paralleling the psychological complexities of modern life.

Between now and when you approve (?) my application, there will be new works to consider. All the works can stand on their own, as simply an eccentric art show of recent works, but my plan obviously brings much more to the exhibition. During the gallery stay, days or weeks, I will visit most every day to do some readings and discussions on the content of the various events. Late night art readings will be offered also as a mature entertainment event, crossing new boundaries in my art. Of course, if you invite me into your grand house, I will design an exceptional floor plan, in harmony with the space provided. The media will be invited to a pre-opening showing for interviews, with the objective of generating public interest and visitor numbers, surpassing the NFC 30,000 achievement.

Artist Statement

Sentient Psychology feeds my mind with new art ideas daily, which explains the many boundaries I have crossed over the years and continue even today. Multimedia journeys are very natural for me and never know what medium, what event comes next. Sentient psychology takes us back to the birth of cellular life, a level of memory born in every one of the trillion of cells in the human body. We should never run out of ideas or be frustrated, by the "professionals", calling on the unconscious mind, cognitive psychology, modern psycho therapeutic solutions that touch only the superficial levels of the mind. Survival of the cell is always dependent on memory... instinct. Dreams cannot be analyzed. We simply need to be inspired by them, and not rely on psychologist to put them into labelled boxes, lay them on our marble mantle while driving us insane. Art freedom, listening to and acting on the sentient messages is the reason I am not insane today.

“The question is then: how do things stand with psychoanalysis? Although Freud presented his discovery as a Copernican revolution, the fundamental premise of the cognitive science is that psychoanalysis remains a ‘Ptolemization’ of classical psychology, failing to abandon its most basic premises” Zizek  And this ideology spreads, globally, as we are faced with profound and pressing social demands on infinitesimal levels.

This is where I stand today, declaring a divergence from classical creative premises against sentient psychology. My art is not meant for gallery walls, though those walls are meant for public places. So how do we make it work in your gallery... an embracing challenge!

Creating "events" connects me with humanity, art for the streets, "my gallery", teaching me the joys and tragedies in the global society, which is clearly evident in the art samples submissions. The stories are original, true and often painfully real. A woman, cried, standing at the painting "WOMAN'S DAY: Lost Highway USA”... she bought a print on the way out.                                                                                    
Progressive ideas are ageless. My creative styles knows no boundaries and goes from traditional to modern genre, from paintings to sculptures, from poetry to theatrical productions, film and videos and on to street performance theatre... ever unshakably, “Crossing the line”.

My art is social events. In the beginning it was simply landscape paintings, in a John Turner style, wall art, and then passed through the impressionists, Picasso and to a marriage of the "masters" and contemporary style. There is no "then and now" for me, the "events" are timeless.

We have got to stop being afraid of things. My art is loaded with messages and humour. We have got to challenge the 'Keepers' and their messages of fear, but we miss the point about "the one-tenth of one percent"... the Keepers, promoters of fear... they also are afraid, of the same monster that we all fear... Death! All their wealth will not save them. I do not attack them; rather, I attack my own rooted fears. All of the Keeper's money will not save me, though they constructed the temples of fear, as if that would save them, as if my fear of their instruments of torture would save them.

I have taken a therapeutic journey across many borders, psychologically and in art styles, content events, abandonment of fear that have cleared my mind from ritualistic, patriarchal blocks... delving into their language of fear and terminology... "This is my body, I died for you". I violated that; The sacred chalice, I violated that; The raising of Lazarus , I violated that; The finger of God giving life to Man, I violated that; All of that... the name of Christianity... in my mind, the most profound "Keeper of fear, though different in these times... different names... the same power structures... global dictators, shutting us down, into the muck of silence with their covert, authoritarian, global surveillance weapons, which leads me to my next art event: The Ant Race 1021.

I was angry. I was afraid... I violated them all with the written word, with oil paintings, sculptures, videos, books, poetry, songs, theatre and set myself free, saved my life... then, anxiety, waiting for the God Keeper Dictator to strike me dead... it never happened! A lot of this and more is in my video below: "Inside the Metaphoric Man" where I also I violated the fabricated, artificial "Singularity"... another of the Keeper's weapons of fear. My art is all open for debate, on stage, in public, in this submission. Putting it all together in your gallery will be an exciting, work of art in itself...it is NFC 1987 modernized, contemporized, with real events, digitized mixes. It is an investment for artist and gallery. Hopefully, you will give us a chance, cross the line and do not fear the Keepers, who also need release from their prisons... and contribute to the advancement of civilization together and save this planet for the generations to come!

Curriculum Vitae     Rod Malay

       2016 -2020                                 Creating a two piece contemporary art series "The Ant Race
                                                    sub-title: Catastrophic denial of realism in the human race
                                                                          Developed the Master's Series, oil, presently on-going
                                                     Created: Grace In Motion sculpture

                                                     Published book: Narcissistic Socialists

2015                                              A Sad Man   video completed, 9 Sept 2015

                                                      Created the sculpture: A Sad Man
                                                      Chicken wire, burlap and Plaster of Paris.

                                                      Writing a book: Wensiff’s Lover
                                                      As part of a “Little Books series” from
                                                      The Primitive Artist

2014                                               Inside The Metaphoric Man   video
                                                      Presented to five Film and Video Festivals in Canada
                                                      And USA, North American road tour

                                                      Created a blog: www.shakethedevilofftour.blogspot.com
                                                      About 40 blog chapters with titles like: The Malai
                                                      Chronicles, Capitalism vs. Mythicism, Behind God’s       
                                                      Mask, Real Men Don’t Eat Kisch , Back to Ego and                                                                                                    Other Boxes  and so on and so forth…

2010                                               Five month solo tour of North America for:
                                                                          Writing, visual art, video documentaries,
                                                                          Photography, music, poetry

                                                       Jasper Bog World Bank    video
                                                       Presented at stage production of: Inside The Metaphoric
                                                       Man and presented to five Film and Video Festivals in
                                                       Canada and USA

                                                       In The Dog House Now    Film  Presented at the
                                                       Dawson Film Festival

2007 - 2009                                            Designed and constructed the Nile House
                                                       3 story , residential/commercial

                                                        Guitar lessons and song writing

                                                        Collaborated with Lithuanian artist
                                                        Created glass ceiling sculpture: Absolutely but Not                                                   .                                                    Absolute
                                                        Installed on terrace ceiling of the Nile House, affectionally
                                                        labelled "The BOOB House"

1990's - 2000's                                        Designed and constructed environmental sustainable strawbale
                                                        residential housing.'' often referred to as "sculptured" homes.

1975 - 1980's                                         Abandoned all previous pursuits, to become a "starving artist".
                                                                     Focus solely on fine arts... Theatre production, Finge Fastival.
                                                                     Created/performed: Cowboy from Shangri La
                                                        Wrote poetry/presented at local venues    
.                                                        Designed and constructed a travelling art installation                                                   :                                                       NO FURTHER
                                                        COMMENT. Toured across Canada in an 18 Wheeler
                                                        30,000 visitors, substantial national media coverage

                                                        Designed Ceorfanhus, massive concrete structure, depicting                                                            
                                                        The human journey, received UNESCO endorsement
                                                        Designed, manufactured the Ped-l-on, two seater pedal
                                                        vehicle for inner city transportation.

                                                        Studied "Trends Theory" at TUNS school of architecture

                                                        Studied Lithography, NSCAD  

                                                        Squash Time  Film    Presented at the Atlantic Film

                                                        The Martins and The Coys   Film   Presented at the
                                                        Stage production of : The Forties Follies

1969 - 1970                                            Opened Graphic Design business in Montreal, Canada

                                                                             Published book on inner city sign systems

1962 - 1969                                           NSCAD... Graduated, diploma in graphic design

                                                       Famous Artists Schools, USA, graduated in fine art painting,
                                                       Correspondence program

Images and Support Material
Inside The Metaphoric Man    video  1:09:16

No Further Comment (NFC)


                                         5 NFC

                                                6 NFC




10 NFC

11 NFC Ottawa

12 Woman's Day     Lost Highway USA

13 Georgia's Ladder

14 Ritual Detention

15 CEO

16 Galleria Unplugged

17 Joan

18 ANA  at Galleria Unplugged and AGNS Plaze

19 A Sad Man



23 River Woman

24 Potrait

25 Undercover

26 Streets

27 Crowded Nest                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 28 Rock of Ages

29 The Cowboy from Shangri-la



31 The Nile...Rod Malay artist. designer, architect, builder

Glass ceiling created by Rod and Agne

32 Malay's journey around North America

33 Work in progress

34 Pissed  self portrait

35 Winter 1971 oil

36 Behind God"s Mask     self-portrait

37 Body Language

 Current works ... mixing the "masters series" generating new Masters

38 Salvator Mundi + Starry Night  2018     Malay+da Vinci + Van Gogh

39 Persistent Memory with Sir Isaac Newton  2018         Malay + Dali + Huen

40 Mona Lisa, Diana and Callisto 2019  Malay + daVinci + Pierre

Ok Jurors

All of the above submissions are totally my creations. One might coin it. “a gold mine” of art stored in my studio waiting in anticipation for that moment, a public gallery exhibition. Grab some popcorn, check out my blog and view the video above, Inside the Metaphoric Man, it will provide you with a further perspective on my style and passion as an artist. My task of putting together this gallery exhibition will be a work of art. What will come out of this creative task cannot be anticipated. It will be shedding old skins, crossing new lines, while emerging in a new unexpected shape... to draw thousands of visitors to your gallery.... it is an investment in a new art form. Dare I suggest, Slavoj Zizek might call it a “Copernican revolution” as that is how I anticipate the psychological depth in the proposed process?

The video also contains one of my guitar songs, with photo, about a lost woman I met on a Texas highway. I think you will empathize with her, Meisha.

Between now and when my submission is approved, (?) I will take a break from the “master’s series” after finishing Freud/Picasso and most importantly, will start on the intriguing contemporary event series, “The Ant Race 1021”, enforced on me by the global brinkmanship with the catastrophic denial of reality... in the wealth of reality. Given the urgency of this challenge and my advancing age, I will get at this latest series, within a couple of months

Well anyway... gotta go and move the capo around the fret a bit... see if it will help my singin’ voice...?

All the best in yer dilibert-ations!

Rod Malay
rod_malay@hotmail.com                                                                                                                      902 830 8187 (out of country 'til June 2020)                                                                                          954 290 3832